Tours and Rates

You will experience and ride a new Yamaha VX Deluxe Waverunner with ride control and possible seating for two following the tour guide or rent your jet ski by the hour.  Daily morning and afternoon rides are available.  All forms must be signed before riding, and the tour guide will cover safety and waterway rules.  Arrival should be 30 minutes prior to scheduled time to cover the necessary information and sign any forms not signed on-line.

Important : make sure to bring sun screen and eye protection



Ride one of the local rivers, lots of fun. You will be riding one of our skis. Continues to downtown Jacksonville and the St. John’s River looking for Dolphins. Rates start at $89 per hour, per ski, plus sales tax and $30 for physical damage insurance on the jet ski only. Rides will vary depending on weather, tides, winds and river conditions…always something different. If riding with a tour guide, the guide will take pictures, pointing out interesting surroundings and keeping everyone safe.





The Prestige Tour can consist of several options. The $239 package includes renting one ski for two hours with a tour guide on another ski, picture taking included. I will tailor each ride based on river conditions, quest requests and time.  Another option, group tours destinations. It's really 'a la Carte' and based on weather and tides.





  • The Executive Tour: call, text or email: Reserve and Pay for three (3) Jet Skis during the weekdays only and receive our special rate of $209 per Jet Ski and let the fun begin. On to the St. John’s River, downtown Jacksonville while watching for dolphins and based on conditions and experience, one of 5 river rides. Tour lasts about 2 hours and rides will vary depending on weather, tides, winds and river conditions.



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