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PWC Luxury Tours

PWC Luxury Tours is located in Jacksonville, Florida on the Arlington River, just off St. John's River and downtown Jacksonville.  We are a unique rental jet ski business, not only offering jet ski rentals, but luxury Yamaha jet ski "Waverunner" tours; the 2 hour package not only includes a tour guide, but pictures and movies sent to your email, $239 per ski plus insurance and sales tax.  You will experience and ride a new Yamaha VX  Waverunner with ride control and seating for two.  Daily morning and afternoon rides are available, call, text or email for availability of ride times.

Our operation hours are Monday through Sunday.  Available rides times start at 9:30am and end at 4:00PM. Summer time afternoon hours will be extended to 5PM

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Luxery Jetski Tour & Rental Jacksonville FL